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We offer you a private getaway of openness and an outlet of peaceful expression of the frustration(s) at our jobs that otherwise cannot be said anonymously on other platforms or at work.
Create your own groups, forums and upload your own memes. Meet likeminded peers and learn about a job or career before applying and or dedicating your time and life to it. Leave reviews about your boss, manager and colleagues all without the fear of getting fired or “written up”
It’s time that we interview companies and potential managers instead of the other way around.
Let’s turn this into a platform that helps us all break free of the rat race also known as
‘The Modern Slave’

Why Choose Us?

Other platforms sensor your ability to speak openly. At TMS, we don’t.


Your account here isn’t attached to any other social platform. So you can create a private and personal account. 


The Modern Slave is a place where employees vent their frustrations with their job, share advice, and help one another make career choices.

We are sick of this shit

I worked for a major Worldwide retailer for over 5 years in customer service. I am a single mom with two kids and I’m so glad I found a site where I can say what I want and how I feel about the stresses of my job.

As a Medical Assistant for a 4 practice Internal Medicine Clinic, I barely get time to go to the bathroom, The doctor is always overbooked and I get bitched at by his patients because they had to wait an hour to be seen. I wish I could tell them that it’s NOT my fucking problem! I’m thankful for TMS for allowing me to vent anonymously.

I work for a pipeline company. My boss is such a fucking puto! He acts like he liked me by trying to seek to me in Spanish when he damn well fucking knows I can read, write and speak English. He’s a little racist prick and I fucking hate him. But I need this job so I have to hold it all in until I can find something else.

As an Accountant, I love what I do, but I hate my job. The only place I can vent my frustrations is at home with my wife. I finally have a platform where I can interact with other like-minded people.

I worked as a welder for a steel company in Tx. I never took care of myself tat much because we only had a few guys working with us.. My health deteriorated over the years and I ended up having to go to doctor appointments. I missed a lot of days of work and after 15 years, They fired me.

I’m a freelance musician. I make ends meet by taking on side gigs. I cannot get a real job because I have some convictions on my record and I dropped out of High School. Jobs suck, all this background check fuckry for a $15hr part time job. Fuck this shit!

If you are one of the millions of frustrated employees, and don't have a safe place to vent. You have come to the best online community.

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