After 15 years I was fired from a job without any notice!

I dedicated my entire career to it, living paycheck to paycheck. I wish I never wasted so much of my life to a boss that never appreciated me. All I ever got from him was a “thanks” 

“I worked so much that I forgot to take care of my family and my health. I was diagnosed with diabetes and was in poor overall health. I was just trying to make ends meet so that I could provide for my family”

The more work I did, the more work that my boss gave me. I never one day asked for a raise and unfortunately was never given one. I wish that I spoke up sooner, now that I’m no longer employed, I can freely say Fuck You to him.

I want to let everyone that reads this that PLEASE don’t give the best part of your life to a job. It doesn’t matter how much you think it’s a good gig it is or if your boss says that you are a great person and a hard worker. At the end of the day, you are not the one to make the millions or even the high 5 or 6 figure incomes. No job is worth your life people. BOSSES DON”T CARE ABOUT YOU!!

you’re fucking replaceable!


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